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Vlogging Kit for Beginners

Vlogging is becoming more popular by the day.  Create vlog. To increase traffic to their website. Guide To YouTube. Content should always be engaging, trending, update, and most importantly, relevant to your audience.

Vlogging Content Ideas:

  • Holidays, fashion, shopping, news and more.
  • Make a tutorial.
  • Food lovers.
  • Take on a trending challenge.


  • Think about your vlog topics ahead of time.
  • Research. How-to, Travel, and Fashion Tips.
  • Have your vlogs planned out in advance.
  • Go-to when filming videos. Enjoy!
  • Option: Fall Website Color Palettes

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Perfect for your brand promotion. Travel Instagram Post & Instagram Story.

Here is the vlogging kit for beginners equipment, recording and editing.
Right balance of affordability, fashion style, and quality.

Enjoy the basic vlogging!

September 26, 2020
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